Hi, my name is Sarah Proffitt. 

I am a Spiritual Advisor and I use energy medicine to help others step into their power and fully embrace who they are so that they can create a bigger impact within their own communities.

About a decade ago I realized I didn’t love my life. In fact, most of the time I was dreading going to work and couldn’t really see or envision my future. I knew I was meant to lead, I knew I was meant for more than working as a waitress serving fried food to tourists. (Nothing wrong with waitressing, but it was slowly killing my soul.)

So, I packed everything up and moved to another country, only to discover wherever I went, there I was. Meaning it wasn’t the job, relationship, or external circumstances it was me…

I  discovered new tools and resources and pulled from those to create the spiritual practices that have brought me to where I am today. I started to study oracle cards, intuitive guidance, and different modalities of energy healing.

I received my Reiki Master certification, finished my B.A. in Psychology, and continued my 10 year education of holistic nutrition and the physical connection our soul has to the body.

I chose to step up, I chose to listen to my divine guidance.  And I created my company and energy medicine practice. And now I lead others in creating their own spiritual practices, connect to the divine spirit within us all so that they too can become impactful leaders and release their gifts into the world.