Becoming is a journey. A space of expansion. A place to dive deep into your soul, into the depths and find the gifts you were taught to forget.

Becoming is a space to receive the messages of your truth. 

We are always becoming something and based on how deep we can feel the truths in our body is who we become. 

The truth lies within the physical body but we bypass all the signs (symptoms) and keep moving through. And the energy of that truth traps itself in the body and continues day in and day out to try and release itself, mostly through physical symptoms. 

The anxiety, overwhelm, numbness is all truths begging to emerge. 

The pain in the body that can’t be healed… untold truths. Soul truths that were trapped in the body. 

The thing I see when many begin the process of opening to spiritual truths and their own truth: is the pain must be felt before the truth is heard.

And so often we think the pain is the problem and mask the pain but in essence you are masking your own truth.
The gifts, your gifts are within the shadow of your own truth. 
This is why it has been so hard to get to the next level. 

Your next level. 

Because the gift is on the other side of feeling the pain. And instead of allowing the body to move through your pain, you mask it with other emotions, experiences, or outside substances. 

This process creates a cycle of pain, masking, outward happiness and inner numbness, only to repeat itself again.
This is a cycle based on behaviors that continue to manifest the same reaction in the body, even though you think positively or have been doing the mindset work. The physical body has not yet transformed and embodied the new ways of being.

Hence you haven’t become the person you thought you would be.  

Maybe you have noticed it doesn’t matter the amount of money in the bank, how many people love you, or how happy you are in your partnership. There is always a piece that feels not quite right or a piece that feels less than whole.

This piece is the experience of absolute bliss, free of expectation and free of any outward acknowledgement.

You realize you are whole. The mask isn’t needed anymore. 

The pain moves through you not into you. And you realize you have always been the person you are becoming. And when you get here, your gifts begin to emerge. Your true essence begins to unlock and you become your next level self with foundations built of spiritual truths and behaviors that invest into your highest self each day. 

This is becoming. 

The space is waiting. Your portal is expanding, are you ready?

Becoming is for the woman:

☾ Ready to dive deep into the spiritual world and become connected with her guides, ancestors, and divine source energy

☾ With a vision of who she wants to become but feels as if there are invisible blocks preventing her from fully stepping into her power
☾ Who has had success in life but has found that with every zero added to her bank account she still seems to be disconnected from her physical body
☾ Who knows there is magic inside of her but can’t seem to control when she turns it on and off

Its time to ascend to your highest frequency and align with your highest self. 

For years, I felt like I had a spotty internet connection with the divine.

I meditated every morning but yet when my eyes would open I would go back to the same state of busyness. My mind swirling with tasks, to-dos, but my body would freeze. It would go into auto pilot and at the end of the day I could barely remember if I had even done anything for me. 

At the end of the day, I would rush to the bath or some other form of self care, only to still be in the same head space. 

There was a disconnect between my body, my energy, and my emotions. I knew they all worked together but it seemed as if I couldn’t find the connection to have them working at the same time. 

I knew there was another world out there, one that allowed me to feel everything on such a deep level the worries, task, and todos didn’t exists. But instead of accessing these worlds of infinite expansion I felt like the map to get there kept disappearing 

The shift happened when I finally tapped into my own energy field without judgment. I stopped listening to people that didn’t understand my vibration, and started connecting with mentors who actually truly wanted to dig deep with me.

I led myself through a divorce, an international move, and the flair up of my chronic illness. ⠀

It's your time now.

What is included: 6 months of support and spiritual guidance
☾ 2 x 60-minute spiritual guidance and coaching sessions per month 
These calls are where we discuss spiritual practices, rituals, and ceremonies specific for you. You will also receive psychic guidance from Sarah channeled from your guides 
☾ 6 months of Voxer support with Sarah (Voxer is an app that allows us to voice note and text)
Check in with Sarah and use this as a daily way to tap into Spirit and Divine guidance. This will be available M-F.
☾ Exclusive energy healing techniques available only to private clients
Sarah only does energy healing with private clients. When you work with her 1-1 you will receive energy healing on your calls as well as spiritual advisement and coaching

Investment in Full – $11,111

Payment Plan – 6 Monthly Payments of $2222

Looking for a different type of support?

You can also do Voxer only support. Perfect for the busy entrepreneur not wanting another phone call but wanting daily spiritual and psychic support.

Investment in Full – $7,777

Payment Plan – 6 Monthly Payments of $1444

Have questions? Book a 15 minute call with Sarah

Experiences from working with Sarah

Sarah is a true gifted intuitive healer. My experience with her was very sincere, comforting, encouraging, and veraciously authentic. Sarah’s soul is peaceful and nonjudgmental. She left me feeling relieved, renewed, and empowered to continue on in my journey.
The other day, I had THE MOST amazing healing session with Sarah Proffitt. First of all, it was a divinely appointed connection. She had experience with something I'm going through that I couldn't have know she had experience with. She had a unique perspective on my emotional pain. Second, She just KNEW what I needed. She aligned my chakras and not only that...because chakras move out of balance all the time...she was focused on giving me some tools I could use to keep things aligned for myself. I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to her. She is so nice with the sweetest energy and I found her to be so compassionate and helpful.