Its time to elevate to your highest potential without the hustle and grind

To relax into your souls purpose and reach your gifts by embodying the very essence of your desires.

Understanding your energy and how you interact with the world is the very key to unlocking your truth

To unlocking the powerful women within

Elevate is a 4 week emergence into the world of energy and into flow so you can create a life based on your own energetic signature

No more going against the grain and following the rules and belief systems society has set out for you, instead you will learn to open your energetic field to the seemingly impossible




Feeling amazing becomes your new normal.

You are inspired, creative, and become locked into the abundance the universe has for you.


You feel connected to the world around you and this connection leads to inspired ideas that will allow you to impact the lives of everyone around you.


Confidence will pour out of you.


When you live an elevated life, you will use your intuition and the guidance of your higher power to transform any situation.


You will know every situation negative or positive is meant to teach you, to guide to your path.


And this feeling inside of pure elevation will excite you and invoke a sense of power from within

What is included

  • 4 weeks of support
  • 4 workshops 
  • 4 meditations
  • 1 q & a livestream to answer any questions or share insights 

This information on how to open the energetic field has never been shared before 

Week 1 
Energy of receiving 

Learn to open your energetic field and receive in a way that has never been discussed before. This method of receiving will redefine how you understand energy and will revolutionize your understanding of opening to love, money, and the pure energy of the divine. 

Week 2
Energy of giving 

Understand the energy of giving so that you can stop over giving and depleting yourself and your own energy. This technique will allow you give what feels good in your body and actually allow you to receive more

Week 3
Energy of expansion 

Once you understand how the energy field work you will dive into expansion. Expanding and understanding overflow so that you can expand and contract your energy field at will. This will allow you to open up to more so you can give freely.

Week 4
Energy of elevation 

This is the ultimate key to understanding your energy. Elevating to new heights in your energy field so that you can receive, give, and expand with ease. Elevation will break your glass ceiling and all the limits that have ever been set for you. 

2 monthly payments of

$ 222

Pay in full

$ 444