Are you ready to connect with your inner guidance?

This is a 4 month commitment to yourself and to coming into alignment with your own unique spiritual practices so that you can heal from your past, unlock your potential, and fully step into your power. 

Step into your full power

During the 4 months we will look into any blocks preventing you from stepping fully into your practice and discover the tools and guidance you need to clear them. Through this process you will become clear on your next steps and feel empowered to continue your journey with a solid spiritual foundation.

Through this time you will discover your full potential, heal yourself from past wounds, and begin to open up to the visions you will need to create the impact you want to see in this world.


What is included

1-1 Video calls

You will receive three 1 hour long video calls each month. These can be recorded for you to go back to later. These calls are where we discuss spiritual practices, rituals, and for you to receive guidance from Sarah as a channeled message from your guides. Sarah will also offer psychic guidance based on what you need. 

Text Support

You receive support via text in between phone calls during the week. You can use this as a daily way to tap into Spirit and Universal guidance to start your day with ease and knowing that yes, you have a team that is always there to assist you.

Chakra cleansing

You will receive a chakra cleanse and alignment at the beginning of each month. This will help you align with your goals, check in with your energy and give you the confidence you need you keep going. This reading will be sent by the 5th of each month and can be used to assist with anxiety around upcoming goals, create boundaries, and understand the energies of not only yourself but the collective energy we are connected to.

Come back to your soul and harness the power from your own inner light

Investment in Full – $8888

Payment Plan – 4 Monthly Payments of $2222 

Are you fully ready to dive deep into your spiritual practices and learn energy like never before?