This is a 6 month commitment to come into alignment with your own unique spiritual practices so that you can heal from your past, unlock your potential, and fully step into your power. 

Let's check in with the energy

☾ You have been doing personal development work  but are wanting to take it further by understanding your spiritual self 
☾ You are ready to dive deep into the spiritual world and become connected with your guides, ancestors, and divine source energy
☾ You have a vision of who you want to become but feel as if there are invisible blocks preventing you from fully stepping into your power
☾ You have had success in your life but have found that with every zero added to your bank account you become more disconnected from yourself
☾ You know there is magic inside of you but can’t seem to control when you turn it on and off

Its time to ascend to your highest frequency and align with your highest self. 
You have reached your desires up until this point.

Your dreams have manifested, but you still feel unfilled or like you are searching for something that you can’t describe.

This deep spiritual hole has yet to be filled with oracle cards, books, or meditation. It seems the more you try to connect the harder it is to connect.

And yet there is an inner knowing of wholeness. You have felt it, but it isn’t consistent. It’s like an inconsistent heartbeat or breathe that has you feeling like dying when you can reach it.

I felt this way for a really long time on my spiritual path and journey. These moments of highs and lows that left me feeling disconnected. I always got what I wanted but it was filled with stress, anxiety, and constant thoughts of is this shit even real?

I couldn’t trust the divine all the time. It was like the universe only had my back sometimes and other times I felt as if I was falling and no-one was there to help me or guide me.

And then I started to remember. Remember my childhood and how connected I was. How much I actually did use spirituality and even a little witchcraft and energy work as a kid. I would will things to happen.

I remember going to energy healers, psychics, and reading books on spirituality and energy everyday. Yet, I still couldn’t quite understand how to own my power and use my gifts. I felt like my psychic abilities were just flukes or good guesses.

I was constantly searching for the next modality I could try, or in a constant cycle of healing or growth, and doing all the things, all the time.

But I still was attracting toxic people, situations, and with each healing I was feeling more disconnected instead of the connection I was seeking.

My soul felt like it was breaking.
“I am doing everything right”
“I don’t know what I am doing wrong”
“I’m tired of not feeling enough”

“I know there is more out there for me”

I couldn’t do it anymore.

I realized that my spirituality and understanding of energy was vast but it lacked embodiment and depth. I still lacked authority over my own thoughts and energy, and felt like a fraud because I couldn’t commit to a practice that aligned with who I truly was.

It turns out that becoming a spiritual being wasn’t about learning more but understanding how to integrate and embody the information on a deep soul level.

So, I started paying attention to what I did to feel the shift.

I studied energy on all levels

I went back to my roots and not only began opening up my psychology background again but also my religious studies

I stopped listening to people who didn’t understand me and started aligning with those that knew how powerful I was

I finally felt the shift when I was able to lead myself through divorce, an international move, and restart my life and career from the ground up in a matter of months.

I began listening to my guides and performing ceremonies and rituals that lead me to profound understanding of the universe and its laws.


☽ Not only healing emotional pain but physical pain by using unique energy healing techniques.

☽ Calling in thousands of dollars in my business with ease.

☽ A direct connection with the divine and the ability to access ancient teachings by tapping into the correct vibration.

☽ A complete recalibration of my thoughts that allowed me to go from depressed and anxious to peace and calm

☽ A redefining of success and internal recalibration so that after nearly 3 decades I finally feel enough

What is included

6 months of support and spiritual guidance

★ 2 hour initial DNA Activation session 
This is a 2 hour healing session clearing out all energetic blocks and toxins located within your 33 chakras on the spine. This activation will awaken your spiritual DNA so that you can activate all of your psychic gifts with ease.

★ 2 x 60-minute spiritual guidance and coaching sessions per month 
These calls are where we discuss spiritual practices, rituals, and ceremonies specific for you. You will also receive psychic guidance from Sarah channeled from your guides and higher self
★ 6 months of Voxer support with Sarah (Voxer is an app that allows us to voice note and text)
Check in with Sarah and use this as a daily way to tap into Spirit and Divine guidance. This will be available M-F.

★ Exclusive energy healing techniques available only to private clients
Sarah only does energy healing with private clients. When you work with her 1-1 you will receive energy healing on your calls as well as spiritual advisement and coaching


What People Are Saying

Sarah is a true gifted intuitive healer. My experience with her was very sincere, comforting, encouraging, and veraciously authentic. Sarah’s soul is peaceful and nonjudgmental. She left me feeling relieved, renewed, and empowered to continue on in my journey.
The other day, I had THE MOST amazing healing session with Sarah Proffitt. First of all, it was a divinely appointed connection. She had experience with something I'm going through that I couldn't have know she had experience with. She had a unique perspective on my emotional pain. Second, She just KNEW what I needed. She aligned my chakras and not only that...because chakras move out of balance all the time...she was focused on giving me some tools I could use to keep things aligned for myself. I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to her. She is so nice with the sweetest energy and I found her to be so compassionate and helpful.

Are you ready?

Investment in Full – $11,111

Payment Plan – 6 Monthly Payments of $2888