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  • Faith Transference
    In this podcast we talk about faith transference and the law of reciprocity. How can we have faith when it has been broken before? When you have faith in yourself other people will feel that faith and you can begin to transfer that faith onto others. When you feel confident in yourself others will feel […]
  • The energy of perfectionism
    Perfectionism is the killer of dreams, love, and joy in life. The energy of perfectionism is constricted not expansive. Let's talk about not only what the energy looks like but how to we get passed it! 
  • Your highest self
    What are you doing to help the world? What do you want to do? Let's talk about natural frustration and how its keeping you from your highest self. 
  • Cinnamon Rolls and the Quantum Field
    Demystifying the quantum field
  • You are the miracle
    Listen, this is your message from spirit to never give up. This is a message to inspire you, to know you are the miracle.
  • Toxic Relating and a few tips to stop doing it
    In this weeks episode we are talking toxic relating and what behaviors may be contributed to your cycle of relating. We also go into a few upgrades the podcast has been experiencing. 
  • Understanding your energetic DNA - How to vibrate at the frequency of your higher self
    We talk about your energetic DNA and how each person has an energetic code that vibrates on a specific frequency
  • How I get ready for ceremony as a mom
    One thing that held me back for so long from going into deep ceremonies or into deep meditations is the worry I had about my daughter. Just taking these steps beforehand has enabled me to go into deeper ceremonies or meditations. Here are a few things I do to help us both feel supported. 
  • When does the ocean meet the sky?
    This podcast dives into what happens when we meet our destiny. When we expand into our own manifestations there are times a brief period of sadness that may come up. How can we move through the contraction and expand even further?
  • Could your bloating be caused by holding in emotions??
    Sarah shares in this episode what happens in the physical body when we hold emotions in our belly. What are the causes of emotional bloat and how can we move through them.