Thank you for trusting me on this part of your journey.

While these teachings will end in a Reiki 1 certification that is just the tip of the iceberg and in fact I think it isn’t even fair to say this is a Reiki 1 certification… it is so much more. 

The heaviness you feel, the bloat that won’t go away, the mood swings… all signs from the body that can be fully understood when you connect back to it. 

The weird acne that pops up, or the inflammation in the body that won’t go away… Again signs from the body. All leading back to energy. 

This is the first step to understanding what your body truly needs. Not only on the energetic level but the physical. You will never be perfect, but being able to identify why these are happening will help you to solve the problem that much quicker. 

Understanding how the energetic body and physical body work together will open your channel to the divine. It will open your body to bliss and to orgasms that defy your reality. 

You will understand on an energetic level how to heal your own body. And what the healing will look like. 

While we will be going deep into the teachings and you will 100% understand the energy body on an intellectual level. What you will not do is come out of this experience the same person.

You were called to this for a reason, for an intention. 

Diving deeper than surface level chakra work, you will be learning chakras 1-12. Learning how to use energetic surgery to dress your wounds so they can heal. You will understand the why behind energetic blockages and how to remove them. And dive deep into the energetic channel to the divine and reach states of consciousness you didn’t even know existed. 

I am giving you the energetic codes I have received over the years and the understandings of the physical body on a soul and energetic level. 

It isn’t about what you learn during the 4 weeks, it is what you are willing to implement. I can’t hold your hand, but I can show you what its like to hold your own as you process the healing that will come up. 

This is a place to come learn the ins and out of energy. Understand your own energy body including the chakras, the meridians, and how to open your energetic channel to be able to understand the physical body that you have been given. 

You will receive:

􏰁🌙In depth teachings on the chakras 1-7 􏰁

🌙Understand how to heal the physical body

🌙􏰁Teachings on the autonomy of the energy body 􏰁

🌙1 Group Q&A style Zoom meeting

🌙Reiki 1 attunement

􏰁🌙FB Group with others in the course

Cost: $444 or 2 monthly payments of $222

Length: 4 weeks (This is the length of the program but my hope is that this information will be something you can come back to through every transformation)


This exact technique is what I have used for over a decade with every single client. This is what I used to heal myself from various auto-immune dis-eases including chronic inflammation in my joints (caused by a form of rheumatoid arthritis) and eczema. This is what clients have used to lower blood pressure, stop certain medications and finally be able to truly connect to their body.

When you are ready click the link below to be guided to the payment link and course page