I’m Sarah Proffitt owner of this beautiful company. I am a spiritual advisor and mentor. I am led by spirit, my ancestors, and energy work, here on earth as well in other energetic realms .

Because of this work I get to see women heal physical and energetic wounds, align with an abundant life and to truly create their desires quicker than they ever thought possible. ⠀

I work in the shadows and the higher energetic realms using spell work, my connection to source, and deep integrative ceremony. ⠀

I am always looking for women who are ready to align with their higher self, change their belief systems and behavior, and expand their spiritual practices. Begin to upgrade their life using certain energetic techniques, and shrink the timeline so they aren’t spending years or lifetimes to achieve their goals but weeks or months.

I am a Reiki Master, folk magic practitioner, spiritual guide, and Energy Medicine Facilitator. I see and understand energy on a deep soul level and I am on a journey to redefine what working with darkness looks like, so that we can reclaim our power.⠀

Free Heart Opening Meditation

This meditation will open your heart to a calm, loving energy guiding back into a space of love and connection.